At a wedding

At a wedding, they want most of the wedding couples that fascinate and impress her wedding guests

At a wedding, they want most of the wedding couples that fascinate and impress her wedding guests. We do the bl.a. with wedding dresses, table decorations and a great wedding dinner in the beautiful and romantic environment.

When the bridal waltz is danced

a magician at the wedding

But why settle for that when, with a magician at the wedding, can give the day a touch of magic and enchantment – just like in a real adventure!

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Most wedding couples let the magician cast a spell among the guests and at the tables, creating a mood, a smile and ease. It could be in connection with the wedding reception or immediately before the wedding banquet. Magic at a wedding, will typically be a small mysterious, and magical items with the cards, your money, watches or the like. Agree in advance how long you want your magician to entertain at the wedding. Remember Magic is not only for the enjoyment of children at a wedding.

Love is the keyword at every wedding

The music must be matched to the audience who hears the music. The race number for the roller is one of the most important numbers, for the need to put the time into the party and fill the dance floor. Your guests are well fed and are ready to move. The first number after the roller must, therefore, be a number of people know, a popular track so the dance floor will be filled from the start. Must all be out on the floor.

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When the bridal waltz is danced

When the bridal waltz is danced to start the party with either a DJ, jukebox or band. Is responsible for the music for your wedding, give Bryllupskanalen you a good offer on the 10 best songs to start the celebration. For the feast to start with a love song, who at the same time has a good rhythm and not too slow. The dance floor should be filled by the first number.

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