Plan your photos strategically

Plan your photos strategically

need for good pictures

If you are using a hotel room, your own room in the apartment or the place where the reception itself is to be held, you can do a lot to transform it into your need for good pictures of the preparation. Work with your photographer to bring the best light into the room, which can turn off high-beam light to achieve soft and natural light in the pictures. Second, you must make sure that your theme is running through the room, whether it is the bridal bouquet or other decorations. Have them promote so they can help create an atmosphere.

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Plan your photos strategically with the photographer

How to get the best preparation photos We can tell you that the fewest women are happy with pictures of them on which they smack a bagel in their mouths. Therefore, it may be helpful to arrange in advance when you can get some food, whether before or after photography is up to you. We all know that food helps a lot of mood and you do not need hungry bridesmaids. Nobody will experience it. If you finally have to take something while photographing, let it be a little sweet to the palate. As we have mentioned countless times, you come to appreciate these images for an eternity, so it’s important that you do not hurry.

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keep the schedule

Plan your preparation with your photographer and make sure you have some time left if something should run out of schedule. The worst thing that can happen if you keep the schedule is that there will be more time to make friends with the girlfriends. You want to look relaxed and natural, not stressed.   Set time for food Let the bridesmaids showcase their little presents Whether it’s the same color coat for all girls or flower teaser, let the girls show the presents so you can get some better photos out of the moment. The pictures of the presents can also help put the environment and tell you a bit about the relationship between you.

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Preparations are so much more than just pictures of preparation. Yes, they catch moments where you laugh and enjoy the last time as unmarried, but more importantly, they are memories of the time you went from ” me ” to ” us ”. Pictures of the preparation are filled with intimate memories of you and the ones you have most of, away from the person you meet for the ceremony, of course. You and your girlfriends will appreciate these pictures far beyond the future, and it does not hurt you to look like 1 million.

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Make sure the location is perfect

Here you get our tips to get the pictures of the preparation to be perfect. As important as the clothes are, the cutest comforters will not impress anyone if half the girls still have hair curlers in the hair and no makeup. Make sure the pictures are taken after the hair and makeup are in place, at all, so everyone looks amazing. This also gives you greater share value on social channels.

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