your wedding planning

This list is meant to serve as a source of inspiration, for there are a number of words you will encounter during your wedding planning. Write a comment if you have ideas for words that are missing. The list is under constant development.


Cancel: You can almost not on the individual to cancel his wedding. It can be in connection with a scheduled travel, illness or some other big party or event. Most apologies will come immediately after the guests have received invitations to the wedding. At the last moment, there may come up the pga. disease.

Agreements: A wedding requires much preparation. Make sure you get a system, f.ex. a calendar where you can keep track of all your bryllupsplaner and agreements.

The organizer is: There may be many reasons not to organise his entire wedding itself. Do you want to help, and professional guidance to the planning of her wedding, then one can book a bryllupsarrangør. Other words for a bryllupsarrangør: bryllupskoordinator, wedding planner, weddingplaner.

Wedding dress : The difficult choices, the variety of the wedding dresses in Denmark is huge and diverse. It is the most important dress in your life, and must therefore also be perfect.

Bride: the Bride is the center of a wedding (of course together with the man, but he obviously does not have the wedding dress on). The bride must participate in the entire planning of her wedding – with the exception of the booking of the bridal bouquet. The bride can of course also let the other stand for the preparations of her wedding. Traditionally, holding the bride does not speak to his wedding, but it has been more or less normal to the bride also keeps the speech, typically for her husband.

Bridal bouquet: the bridal bouquet is the bouquet of flowers that the man ordering for the bride for the wedding. The bridal bouquet should lay ready in the porch, when the bride arrives at the church. In addition to the bridal bouquet, there must also be brystbuket for the groom, best man and father of the bride. There can be brudesvende, etc., must have brystbuket. The bride must not see her bridal bouquet prior to her wedding.

Brudekørsel and bryllupstransport: A selected means of transport, is often used to transport the bride to the church and to drive by the wedding couple after the church. The most traditional means of transport for brudekørsel and bryllupstransport are vintage car and horse-drawn carriage. Eventually looking to wedding couples who choose alternatvie transportimidler to drive to and from church, in connection with the wedding. Alternative means of transport is bl.a. helicopter, rickshaw, small funny cars, etc.

Bridesmaid: Brudepigen can be a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend or another female, close member of the family.There are no rules for how old a bridesmaid should be. The bride chooses her maid of honor. There can be as many bridesmaids as the bride wants. Choose the bride to have several bridesmaids, so choose the one which is usually a 1. the maid of honor, which has responsibility for the bl.a. that dress and veil is being addressed to, when the bride sits down at the altar in the church. There may be other practical tasks, as brudepigen must solve. F. ex. as an assistant during the wedding photography – and not least to the restroom, which can be a big challenge in a wedding gown with veil, train and lots of tulle.

Companion: A bride can have a companion along with her bridesmaid. Have the bride bridesmaids, you can choose to let brudesvenden stand on brudgommensside – after forloveren.

Wedding: A wedding is the special celebration that is held in connection with the conclusion of the marriage. If one chooses to be vie at city hall, many choose to hold a traditional wedding later.

Brystbuket: Brystbuketten is the fine version of a a knaphulsblomst. A brystbuket be fixed on the groom’s jacket with a small safety pin. Best man, the bride’s father and any brudesvende can also have a brystbuket.

Budget: It is expensive to hold a wedding, and it can be even more expensive, if you do not get laid a sound and realistic bryllupsbudget already from the start.

Civil marriage : It has since 1851 been allowed to get a civil marriage.

Seating plan: Low bordplanen in good time before the wedding. Make sure to mix the guests, so that all sit near someone you think they could get a good night along with.

Table decorations: Candles, flowers, decorations, artificial crystals and vases are an obvious choice compared. table decorations.

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Blog: There is plenty of inspiration for wedding on different blogs on the internet – of course, it is also possible to create its own bryllupsblog, here can friends and family follow In your preparations leading up to your wedding.

Buffet: if you Want a more casual wedding, it is obvious to choose a buffet for her wedding. A buffet composed of various dishes, hot and/or cold dishes. Guests going even to and from the buffet.

Table settings: A bryllupsbord must of course have plates, cutlery, napkins, glasses and place cards. There can be a difference in the number of the different parts. F. ex. can forretten, etc. serve on plates in the kitchen.

Car: this takes Place on the wedding party and reception is not within walking distance from the church or town hall, you must think about transport. The bride and the groom running from the church or town hall together. Other guests driving in their own cars, unless there is arranged fællestransport, f.ex. in the form of shuttle bus or the like..

Bouquet: – See the bridal bouquet, brystbuket.

Wedding night: the wedding night is a very special night. The wedding night is the first wedding couple, as spouses. Agree in advance what you expect and want that to happen. Be realistic, for you can be immensely tired when the wedding feast ends.

Book parties: It is important to get booked premises, chef, church, or town hall, wedding photographer, DJ or band. Be out in good time – the best gets booked first. – See also the order confirmation!

Wedding photographer: you Will be sure to get the right wedding photos from your wedding, so book a wedding photographer. Compare the possibilities on the internet. Order the photographer whose images you like the most. It is important that the photographer can produce a wide range of pictures – and not least that the wedding photographer have contact details and REGISTRATION number. It shows that bryllupsfotografen is experienced – even if it rains.

Wedding album: After the wedding, many choose to get a wedding album. Some wedding couples will get a large album with pictures from throughout the day, others opt for just a wedding album with the official wedding photos. Wedding album can be ordered from a wedding photographer, or you can make one yourself. There is also the option of getting a wedding album on the internet, this requires of course that bryllupsbillederne is digital.

Photos: the Wedding is one of those days, where you as bride and groom being photographed at the very most number of times in the course of a day. Enjoy it!

Booking: – See the book/booker – see also the confirmation of order.

Bryllupsmagasin: There can be bought different bryllupsmagasiner, where you usually buy magazines and newspapers.

Honeymoon: the Honeymoon will take place immediately after the wedding, or at the first forthcoming apartment. The honeymoon is the groom kærlighedsrejse and usually takes a couple not friends and family.

Used: the Bride must wear something new, something used, something old and something borrowed. There is at the same time save much money by buying or borrowing effects used for her wedding. Keep an eye on The Blue paper, Yellow and Free, Treandsales, flea markets and thrift stores. The bridal gown can be purchased used, or you can buy used vases and knickknacks to the table decorations, etc.

Blue: the Bride must wear something new, something old, something borrowed and something BLUE. The blue on the bride is often the garter.

Honeymoon suite: most hotels, castles and manor houses offer the possibility of accommodation in the bridal suite. A bridal suite is more luxurious than a standard room at the place in question. A bridal suite offers often on champagne, rosenbade and other romantic relationships. See also – Wedding night

Catering: there Is no kitchen and the chefs associated with feststedet, there is the opportunity to avail of a catering company. The food will be delivered, ready for presentation and serving.

Ceremony: the wedding Ceremony is a ceremony.

Cupcakes: Alternative to wedding cake. Cupcakes are a relatively new phenomenon in Denmark. The Cupcakes are a kind of muffin with a delicious cream as a topping.

Cruise: A cruise is a vacation on a ship (krystogtskib). Is often used for the honeymoon. You can take a Cruise in the Caribbean, Alaska and many other exciting and incredibly beautiful places.

Corsage: Used to boot my life with, so you get vipsetalje, or as dress/uppers on the bridal gown.

Cyfon: Cyfon is a kind of light and airy fabric, which can be used as an alternative to tulle, f.ex. to the wedding dress.

Copyright: There is copyright on your wedding photos, even if you paid the photographer to make them for YOU. Be sure to examine whether you possibly. may induce extra pictures for private use if they can be published in the newspaper and on the internet, etc.

Dance: in addition to the bridal waltz, must also be danced to a wedding. Remember to book music for your wedding, alternatively, you can make your own playlist on the computer. Make sure you have speakers with decent sound.

Date: When planning the wedding is it important to have a mariagedate. It is the day where all bryllupsforberedelserne culminates in a wedding. The wedding-guests must have the date of the wedding in a reasonable time. Normally you send wedding invitations to the wedding approx. 3 months before the wedding, alternatively, you can send “reserve day” invitations to their wedding guests. This can be done as soon as the wedding ceremony is booked, either in church or in city hall.

Decoration for wedding: Decorations of the wedding and the party. At a wedding, one will often encounter decorations, flower displays in the banquet hall and flower arrangements on the tables. Decorations can also be many other things, f.ex. at a garden wedding, you can decorate the garden with small cosy pudehjørner or hammocks, etc. Decorations must be in line with the bryllupstemaet.